Concrete grinding

Cleaning and degreasing of constructions

Tiles cleaning

Facades cleaning

Graffiti removal

Cleaning of stone surfaces

Cleaning of stone steps

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning of metals

Cleaning of leather seats

Cleaning of marquees and shutters

Floor cleaning

Roof cleaning

Cleaning of textile seats

Cleaning of interlocking pavement

Steam cleaning with hot steam

Impregnation of tiles

Impregnation of stone surfaces

Impregnation of stone stairs

Impregnation of carpets

Impregnation of floors

Anti-slip impregnation and floor coatings

Maintenance and coatings of steel constructions and masts

Maintenance and repairs of historic buildings

Maintenance and repairs of plumbing elements

Equipment and tools

High-altitude facades cleaning

High-altitude roof cleaning

High-altitude installation of lightning conductors

High-altitude installations against birds

High-altitude installation of decorations and billboards

High-altitude cutting of trees

High-altitude windows washing

High-altitude painting and maintenance of shafts

High-altitude windows painting

High-altitude graffiti removal

High-altitude repairs and maintenance of chimneys

High-altitude repairs of facades

High-altitude chimney repairs

High-altitude roof repairs

Working at heights

Working at heights – emergency service

Working at heights and installation of advertising

High-altitude revisions and training

Realization of interiors

Flat decorations

Painting rooms

Design and visualization of interiors

Realization of interiors

Redesign of Furniture / Renovation of Furniture