Professional maintenance and cleaning of surfaces

Our company Facility Special Services®  is ready to provide you with comprehensive maintenance and protection of surfaces and spaces, professional maintenance of surfaces and spaces, expert workings at heights and maintenance of surfaces and spaces, professional workings at heights and maintenance of surfaces and spaces, maintenance and cleaning of roof surfaces, maintenance and cleaning of facade surfaces, cleaning of paving surfaces, renovation of surfaces and premises, cleaning and washing of floor surfaces, professional superficial and deep cleaning of carpets, cleaning of upholstered seats and furniture, maintenance of leather seats and furniture including professional surface maintenance and cleaning services and VIP service for surface maintenance, in the short term or in the long term, according to your wishes and the required range of services.

Surface and building maintenance, surface management and cleaning

Facility Special Services® provides comprehensive special care and maintenance of surfaces and materials. Our clients are a community of unit owners, housing co-operatives, municipalities, companies, and individual owners of real estate and commercial spaces or larger, medium and smaller facilities. We provide our services not only in Prague, but also in other cities in the Czech Republic.

Surface and building maintenance, surface management and cleaningOur company is a member of the Czech Association for Maintenance, Cleaning and Cleanup and has been cooperating with it for a long time. Our common goal is a fulfillment of a vision that today’s workers should be educated professionals who know how to properly and systematically maintain and care for and renovate surfaces and do not harm the treated materials or our environment! However, the main objective was and still is – to shift the mindset of the majority of people about maintenance of surfaces and premises from Cinderella, from inferior and unrecognized activity to a recognized industry – to a professional field. Maintenance, cleaning and cleanup is not just about removing visible untidiness. This is primarily about maintaining and protecting the life of entrusted values ​​and property.

Facility management and maintenance of surfaces as a branch are still on the edge of a public interest. In the minds of all citizens, there is still a feeling that anyone can clean and care for surfaces and premises, since it is such an activity that every little child has to help with at home, TV spots are enough for the right choice of a detergent and a system “rag- broom-bucket” is known perfectly.

VIP and professional surface maintenance of Facility Special Services including arranging of facility services and cleaning services are carried out by trained and highly motivated employees of our company. Surface maintenance and cleanup, and its thorough performance, is not only a visible removal of the untidiness, but that it is primarily a long-term maintenance and protection of the entrusted values. And this can only be achieved if you have a professionally trained management of a company with professional approach, which transfers its knowledge in the form of a cleaning system to individual cleaning staff. Today’s management of cleaning stuff has to be experts in their field, and to have knowledge of chemicals and technologies. We provide all services related to the maintenance of surfaces and the care of the surfaces of various buildings, houses, flats, non-residential premises and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you with a VIP service and a comfortable living or running your business, so you can leave your worries to professionals in the industry.

Why to have professional maintenance of premises and spaces?

The VIP service level of our Facility Special Services in the field of surface maintenance of your buildings, premises and compounds requires a good orientation in this complex area of ​​building maintenance, which can be provided only by an experienced and professional company with active and open approach and knowledge of the industry.

Sometimes owners or managers of buildings and compounds believe that they will handle all the pitfalls of maintenance of premises and buildings themselves, but they are rather exceptions confirming the rule. Representatives of housing cooperatives and associations of unit owners who perform their duties in addition to normal employment objectively cannot cover the whole issue.

Facility Special Services is ready to offer our clients consultancy VIP service in various areas of maintenance of premises and surfaces, including professional and expert realization and provision of these services through its commercial and professional subsidiaries providing professional offer and implementation of services in the areas of care and maintenance of buildings and premises throughout the Czech Republic.

Professional maintenance of surfaces and premises

Surface and building maintenance, surface management and cleaningWe provide comprehensive maintenance services for buildings, premises and compounds:

Maintenance of roof surfaces and professional working at heights

  • steam and hot water cleaning of roofs
  • renovation of roofs and replacement of roofing
  • repair and installation of plumbing elements and cladding
  • repair and cleaning of gutters and drains
  • roof coatings and renovation of roof coatings
  • impregnation and long-term protection of roofs
  • installation of spikes against birds
  • installation and inspection of conductors and antennas
  • protecting of roofs against greening
  • high-altitude washing of glass and windows including impregnation

Maintenance of facade surfaces and professional working at heights

  • steam and hot water cleaning of facades
  • high pressure and low pressure facade washing
  • repairs and coatings of facades and plasters
  • cleaning of buildings and units
  • impregnation of facades and building casing
  • protection against greening, spiders or insects

Maintenance of materials and surfaces

  • cleaning and washing of carpets
  • antibacterial carpet disinfection
  • impregnation and protection of carpets
  • cleaning and maintenance of upholstered furniture
  • impregnation and protection of upholstered furniture
  • cleaning and maintenance of leather furniture
  • impregnation and protection of leather furniture

Maintenance of floor and floor surfaces

  • steam and hot water cleaning of floors
  • high pressure and low pressure floor cleaning
  • mechanical and chemical floor cleaning
  • renovation and service of floors
  • impregnation and protection of all types of floors
  • regular maintenance and machine washing of floors
  • cleaning of outdoor paving
  • cleaning interlocking paving
  • cleaning of ceramic tiles
  • impregnation and protection of paving

Maintenance of staircases and common areas

  • grinding of stone stairs
  • renovation of stone stairs
  • renovation and cleaning of staircases
  • steam and hot water cleaning of staircases
  • chemical and nanotechnological cleaning of stairs
  • impregnation and anti-slip protection of stairs

Maintenance and cleaning of premises and surfaces

  • general cleaning of premises and surfaces
  • one-time cleaning of premises and surfaces
  • regular cleaning of premises and surfaces
  • VIP service and cleaning of premises and surfaces
  • Deodorizing of surfaces and premises
  • Window cleaning and windows impregnation