Building maintenance and professional business code

Our Facility Special Services® is ready to provide you with a professional facility management and maintenance of buildings and surfaces, professional working at heights, professional height work, maintenance and cleaning of roofs, maintenance and cleaning of facades, tiles cleaning, renovation of surfaces and premises, cleaning and washing of floors, complete interior working from carpet cleaning, cleaning of upholstery chairs and furniture, maintenance of leather sofas and furniture, including cleaning services and VIP room maintenance services, in the short term and in the long term, according to your wishes and the requested range of services, in top quality according to our internal corporate standards and guidelines Diamond Professional ™.

Code for facility management and maintenance of buildings

Facility Special Services® has been a member of IFMA since 2013 and its internal system of operation and service delivery is ensured according to the regulatories and standards of this association and our internal Diamond Professional ™ Code. IFMA was established in May 1980 in the United States as the National Facility Management Association (NFMA). A year later, this organization became the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) to allow access to Canada. This step has resulted in a dynamic growth of this association. Europe had not met the concept of the facility management until the early 1990s (EuroFM). Among the first countries that had recorded this field there had been the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, France and Benelux. Five years later, this field spread to German-speaking countries. The Czech Republic was the first post-communist country which joined the IFMA Facility Manager network (2000).

Facility Service by IFMA can be defined as “a method of aligning the work environment, workers and working activities in an organization”. The goal of facility management is “to reinforce those processes in the organization, which make workplaces and workers perform their best and ultimately contribute positively to the economic growth and overall success of the organization.”

Code for facility management and maintenance of buildings

The Code or codification of business and standards of Facility Special Services® is a summary of the business content and it is primarily a legislative activity aiming at the creation of a consistent, unified legal code of the company. In addition, the term concerned is also the result of legislative activity itself, and in the case of Facility Special Services® it is a professional maintenance and a maintenance of surfaces.

The main vision of Facility Special Services® is primarily in the field of healthcare, long-term and professional surface maintenance and building maintenance and also to be among the top facility management centers and companies, working with the latest science and modern technology using revolutionary economic methodologies. In the competition of other companies, we want to further deepen and increase our expertise and cooperation with our partners from research institutes, academia and universities to develop the potential of our company. Professional approach, continuous training and increasing our experience, including the quality of our services, are our ongoing commitment not only to our clients, suppliers, but also to our company.

Code for facility management and maintenance of buildings

The mission of Facility Special Services® is to spread awareness and knowledge of how to use modern technology to provide our clients with a complete range of services from working at heights, surface renovation through cleaning and surface treatment and impregnation of surfaces, interiors, carpets and upholstered furniture to general, one-off or regular cleaning, including windows and window blinds on the ground and at heights, including professional maintenance of buildings and premises according to Diamond Professional ™ internal guidelines.

The philosophy of Facility Special Services® is to offer and provide a wide range of services in the field of building maintenance, surface renovation, cleanup and cleaning of surfaces and premises, using unique and high-quality proven cleaning, purifying and impregnation products and solutions, by means of best cleaning and purifying technologies and products, by means of our trained and experienced cleaning staff, using high-quality and proven cleaning techniques.

Code for facility management and maintenance of buildings

The Facility Special Services® Professional Code is in the interest of preservation transparent company’s behavior. It serves to prevent potential negative public reactions and in case it appears that its interests (especially security) are somehow at risk, Facility Special Services® voluntarily and on its own initiative reports on a joint EU facility management initiative focusing on a safe and responsible strategy in science and technology and on methodological or technological implementation procedures.

The Diamond Professional ™ Code has been helping our company to achieve and fulfill our mission, vision and goals through which we share the following values:

  • Action with enthusiasm
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and creativity
  • Effective communication
  • Cooperation and partnership
  • Professionality and reliability
  • Honesty and correctness
  • Expertise and knowledge of the issues
  • Ecology and the environment
  • Seriousness and good reputation

Code for facility management and maintenance of buildings

The Diamond Professional ™ Code obliges all members of the management, employees and external co-workers to adhere to this professional code. They are commited to the following principles in their activities.

  • Promoting and protecting customer’s interests at all stages of the realization and case.
  • The client is entitled to full information about all steps taken by Facility Special Services® regarding its implementation and case. Therefore, the company always informs the client of the planned intentions and requires their approval by the client.
  • Full confidentiality regarding all information obtained during the course of the case for an indefinite period of time. The company appreciates ​​the trust given by the client.
  • Every client has the right to a completely individual approach to resolve his case. The basis for this individual approach is the perfect understanding of the client’s needs, the analysis of the realization and the finding of value-creating factors and the technological processes of the cases. Only a deep knowledge of the client’s needs and analysis of the client’s implementation status make it possible to implement it properly and get the desired result to the mutual satisfaction.

Code for facility management and maintenance of buildings

Since its inception in 2006, Facility Special Services® has become aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility, internal and external awareness and education of its employees, colleagues and partners, which complies with the company philosophy of Facility Special Services®.

Facility Special Services® is committed to the principles of fair and honest business, aiming to be the most respected and trusted partner in the field of professional building maintenance in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

The Diamond Professional ™ Code of Facility Special Services® has been created in accordance with this commitment and clearly defines our ethical standards that are the cornerstone of our uncompromising moral integrity.